5 pre-workout energy boosters – Times of India – Telegraph

No matter what time of the day you head to the gym for a workout, the trick to keep up at it is to workout with a stomach that's not completely empty. Sure, you cannot workout with a full stomach, so what are the things that you can have just before you hit the gym? We suggest a few that will help you before your workout.


Neither are they heavy on your stomach nor do they make you feel hungry, smoothies are a great choice simply because they are made out of seasonal fruits and milk that not only takes care of your fill but also makes sure that you have the right amount of energy to work it out in the gym.


Loaded with digestible carbohydrates, bananas give you immediate energy before you start working out. When you perform strenuous exercises, you tend to sweat a lot, your body loses potassium- an excellent electrolyte regulator that maintains nerve & muscle function. As an added bonus, dietary fiber in bananas helps in digestion as well.


A great source for much-needed carbohydrates (means, energy) during your workout, oats are filled with soluble fiber, making you feel full even when eaten in moderate amounts, helping you lose weight as well.

Cottage cheese

If you are someone who likes to walk or simply spend your time on the treadmill, then cottage cheese is your answer. Though not recommended to be an ideal healthy food before workouts, 1 cup of cottage cheese contains 18 per cent of calcium and is considered to prevent any sort of cardiovascular problems.


This have amino acids which help in muscle recovery, and yogurt has an excellent ratio of proteins to carbohydrates, which puts it on our list of must-haves. As far as hydration is concerned, experts say that the proteins in yogurt help in the amount of water absorbed by the intestine.