10 Amazing Health Benefits of Black Dates

Who doesn’t love dates?! If you need a bit more convincing, join Beauty and Tips as we take a look at the top 10 amazing health benefits of black dates.

Dates are that rare thing for kids: Healthy fruits that actually taste good, too! If your childhood was like most peoples’, it would surely have included dates (as well as spinach, eew). But while all that other good stuff your mom tried to get you to eat tasted icky, dates stood out for their amazing taste. As we get older, our tastebuds mature and we also start to care about our health. As well as asking, “will I enjoy the way this food tastes?”, we also ask, “what’s its nutritional makeup?” Where dates are concerned, there are lots of powerful antioxidants and very few calories. In fact, a single date contains just 20 calories but 5g of carbs and 2.8mg of calcium. They also contain magnesium, manganese, protein, potassium, iron and calcium. Not bad, huh?! Let’s take a look at 10 amazing health benefits of black dates.

Black Dates Boost Heart Health

Let’s face it, more of us need to get serious about our heart health. Heart disease is now the biggest killer of American adults and claimed the life of one in 4 in 2008. That’s a scary stat, but unless we wake up and start eating the right things and doing the right things, more and more of us will be mere statistics.

Because black dates contain antioxidants, they can prevent heart disease by making sure the arteries don’t get clogged with plaque. These antioxidants also boost the remove of cholesterol from your artery cells. As well as this, dates are also rich in something called isoflavones which have been found to lower our risk of developing heart disease.

Black Dates Brighten Skin

If your skin isn’t looking its best at the moment, you’ll need to consume more vitamin C, which brings out the best in your skin, brightening it, slowing down the ageing process and eliminating nasty wrinkles. And black dates happen to be super rich in it!

Black Dates Can Boost Bone Health

When people think of food that’s good for their bones, they tend to think of milk. But milk is just one source of key minerals that are good for your bones. Because dates contain the likes of manganese, selenium, magnesium and copper, they’re another excellent go-to food if you want to strengthen your bones.

Keeping your bones strong is important, too. If you don’t look after your bones, you’re at risk of developing osteoporosis, a bone-thinning disease that can seriously affect the quality of your life. Fortunately, it can be prevented by eating the right things.

Black Dates Can Make You Smarter

Wanna get smarter? You might want to start eating more dates. This is because dates can fight inflammation in the brain, protect you from oxidative stress, boost cognitive performance and reduce your risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Our brain is a vital organ that, as powerful as it is, needs our help. Support it by eating more black dates.

Black Dates Treat Allergies

One of the lesser known but most potent benefits of black dates is that they can treat allergies. This is largely down to their sulphur content. If you struggle with a seasonal allergy, consume more black dates to reduce the risk of you suffering a reaction.

Black Dates Help With Digestion

Let’s face it, we’ve all taken ourselves to the doctors at some point or another with indigestion. In fact, indigestion is the most common reason we go to the doctors. Whether it’s mild (bloating, gas) or severe (cramping, irritable bowel syndrome), poor digestive health can wreak havoc with our lives. However, indigestion is largely caused by a poor diet. Fix it up and you can probably avoid gastrointestinal issues as much as possible. Black dates improve things down there because they contain lots of dietary fibre, which plays a key role in ensuring that food gets passed through your gastrointestinal tract with as few problems as possible.

Black Dates Can Help To Prevent Certain Cancers

We all fear the Big C, but who among us are doing the things that could reduce our risk of developing it? While there’s no prevention measure that absolutely guarantees 100% immunity against cancer, there are certainly things you can do that will lower your risk – and eating more black dates is one of them. Rich in powerful antioxidants, when eaten alongside other fruits and vegetables, black dates can improve your long-term health.

Black Dates Can Help You Gain Weight

Looking to get to a healthy weight? Black dates help you gain weight the healthy way thanks to their essential vitamins, proteins and sugar content.

Black Dates Boost Energy Levels

Professional hikers who know what they’re doing always take raisins and black dates with them on a hike because these dried fruits are a fantastic way of getting a pick-me-up when our energy levels are beginning to flag. Indeed, black dates are rich in natural sugars, such as fructose, glucose and sucrose, as well as compound carbs that give us a near-instant burst of energy. So the next time you need energy in work or outdoors, much on some black dates!

Black Dates Promote Healthy Hair

There surely isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t care about her hair. But are you doing the right things that will keep your hair strong, glowing and youthful? Perhaps you didn’t realise it, but there’s a connection between what you eat and how your hair looks. If your diet is poor, your hair might start to grow slowly, fall out and lose its lustre. But it’s okay because eating the right things can restore your hair’s shine and vitality. From now on, have a date with a black date more often. These dried fruits contain the key nutrients that can treat hair loss and other hair issues, improving its density, strength, volume and colour.

Stay happy and healthy!